Restaurant & Bar

Fighting Fish bar & restaurant – “The best food on the island”

The dining at Woodland Lodge is mainly outside next to the beach. A paved area with seating and tropical plants is shaded by Pandanus trees with their large fruits that resemble pineapples.

Our Fighting Fish bar is an open octagon shaped structure with natural teak furniture. The bar and columns are decorated with paintings of Siamese fighting fish which, although illegal, is the main form of gambling on the island. We are one of the only two resorts that have satellite TV on the island.

Our food is recommended by the Sunday Times travel magazine (who said we have “the best food on the island”). It also has a local reputation throughout the island that brings in many customers from other resorts. We are the only resort on the island that has pork, ham and bacon on their menu, and all of our food is prepared without MSG (a common ingredient in Thailand). If you require any special fish or shell fish that is not on our menu we can usually have it the next day for you. Naturally, we serve wine, spirits and cold beer.