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Useful information about Koh Jum

No banks or ATMs here...
No banks or ATMs here…

All payments are made in cash, there are no banks or ATM machines on the island.
There is a medical centre operating from 9am until 3pm from Monday to Friday. A nurse operating from the Post Office has a private practice during the time the medical centre is closed.
There is a policeman stationed on the island during the main tourist season.
Shopping is very basic, baby food cannot be bought for instance. A few small shops cater for tourists but sell little more than sarongs, hammocks and postcards.

Koh Jum taxi service
Koh Jum taxi service

There are quite a few internet cafes available on the island.
Taxis are a three wheel combination of motorbike and sidecar.
The island people are predominately Muslim so please dress respectfully in their villages.